Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I approach my works with two key elements in mind.Simplicity and balance.These are stressful time and we could all use a little more tranquility in our lives.I strive to make direct,uncomplicated paintings that are detailed but uncluttered,peaceful but strong.Since these characteristics are of utmost impotance to me..


Many people make statements of what the rules are.This is bad,this is good.I dont believe there are rules in art.The whole history of art has been about breaking the rules.Everyone has to find his or her own approach.The ultimate criterion is what works!

My Years of Drawing

I did a drawing as soon as i got home from exhibitions, and i felt it was the best drawing i had ever done.I started to draw more and more frequently.I worked exclusively in graphite,developing my technique,dicipline and skills.I'm left-handed and all my years of drawing with graphite got me into the habit of working from right to left in order to keep the image from smearing.What i try to express in my work is the joy,contentment and serenity and the sense of mystery,i feel i explore the landscape,portrait and Malay figure's workers.I hope that my works will be recognized for its honesty,expresiveness,freshness and originality.I want to grow and surprise my audience and dont want to remain static.